Suncos and its subsidiary Mischu Capital is focused on UK Real Estate Investment and seeks to identify opportunities with dislocated values with the view to creating value enhancement. This is done is by adding value either by achieving rental uplifts on reviews, regearing of leases or adding value by planning gain.

Our focused strategy is the singular purpose of generating absolute risk adjusted returns.

We are very much sector led and also can adopt to most cyclical scenarios.

Sunit Popat our CEO is responsible for all day to day investment decisions and has been known for his highly disciplined and patient approach.

Once an opportunity is identified we work arduously to structure our proposals, meet specific deadlines and continually maintain dialogue both with our agents and solicitors,in order to position ourselves to early exchange and completion. Our advisors are all well respected in the UK Commercial Property Arena with a wealth of expertise including in the fields of Property Law, Taxation, Construction, Surveying and Building Design. Our primary goal is to build trust and longĀ  term relationships and take pride in having a strong reputation in a highly competitive market.